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Heat Sensor IC 

Detect room temperature using a heat sensor.


Program Code

' Reading Analogue Devices ' Potentiometer.txt ' Kic8 ' Our example assumes your device is conncted to ADC1 SYMBOL MyDevice = 1 DO ' Read Analogue into Variable W0 ' at the end of the reading, the variable W0 ' will have a value in the range 0..1024 (decimal) A2D MyDevice , W0 LOOP

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£ 0.20 each Sensor Heat - Thermistor IC

Product Overview

The MCP9701-E/TO is a Linear Active Thermistor IC which converts temperature to analogue voltage. The device does not require an additional signal-conditioning circuit. The voltage output pin (VOUT) can be directly connected to the ADC input of a microcontroller. The device temperature coefficients are scaled to provide a 1°C/bit resolution for an 8-bit ADC with a reference voltage of 5V. When measuring relative change in temperature from +25°C, an accuracy of ±1°C (typical) can be realized from 0 to +70°C. This accuracy can also be achieved by applying system calibration at +25°C. In addition, this family is immune to the effects of parasitic capacitance and can drive large capacitive loads.
  • 19.5mV/°C (typical) Optimized for ADC
  • Optimized to drive large capacitive loads
  • 6µA (typical) Low operating current


Sensing & Instrumentation, Computers & Computer Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Portable Devices, Power Management, System Monitoring


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