Device Tutorial

Thermistor (Heat Sensor) Resistive

Detect room temperature using a heat sensor.



Program Code


' Reading Analogue Devices
' Potentiometer.txt
' Kic8 

  ' Our example assumes your device is conncted to ADC1
  SYMBOL MyDevice = 1


  ' Read Analogue into Variable W0
  ' at the end of the reading, the variable W0 
  ' will have a value in the range 0..1024 (decimal)

  A2D MyDevice , W0


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Product Overview

The B57153S0xxxM0xx series from EPCOS are radial leaded NTC inrush current limiters (ICLs). These NTC thermistors can be used as inrush current limiters to suppress high inrush current. The high currents in the circuits are caused by low impedance of smoothing capacitors or coils which produce short circuits when the device is switched on. B57153S0xxxM0xx series ICLs are commonly used in switch mode power supplies.
  • Useable in series connections up to 265Vrms
  • Coated thermistor disk
  • Cost effective NTC for low-power applications
  • Kinked leads of tinned copper wire
  • Small size
  • UL (E69802) approved
  • Resistance value at 25°C range from 4.7ohm to 33ohm
  • Tolerance is ±20%
  • Maximum steady state current at 25°C range from 1.3A to 3A
  • Maximum power is 1.4W at 25°C


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