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Standard circuit to detect potentiometer positions.

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Program code

' Reading Analogue Devices
' Potentiometer.txt
' Kic8 

  ' Our example assumes your device is conncted to ADC1
  SYMBOL MyDevice = 1


  ' Read Analogue into Variable W0
  ' at the end of the reading, the variable W0 
  ' will have a value in the range 0..1024 (decimal)

  A2D MyDevice , W0


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Product Overview

Characteristics - Electrical Characteristics - Mechanical End Stop: 50 mNm minimum Starting Torque: 30 mNm maximum Mechanical Adjustment: 240° nominal Operational Life: 100 turns Characteristics - Environmental Temperature Range: - 25°C to + 100°C Load Life at 70°C: ∆R < 5% after 1000 hours Sealing: Dust Proof Climatic Category: 25/100/21 Resistance Range: 100R to 1M Resistance Values: 1, 2, 5 in each decade Resistance Tolerance: ± 25%, (±20% by selection) End Resistance: 1% Nominal or 10 ohms maximum, whichever is greater. Wiper Current: 50mA Power Rating: 0.2W at 70°C Derating to zero at 100°C Limiting Element Voltage: 100V DC or AC RMS max


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