Downloading and installing kicchip_ide or kicchip_studio does not require any of your personal data.

However, if you choose to connect & register with a kicchip server (i.e. via kicchip_ide to a non "" location) you will be required to enter:

  • Firstname (does not have to be your actual Firstname)
  • Surname (does not have to be your actual Surname)
  • Your Email Address

We hold this data in an encrypted file on our server.

The Surname you enter is used to identify your files on the kicchip server. It does not have to be your real Surname.

Your email address is used to send you your password.

We do not supply your details to anyone else.

We do not use your data for banner advertising.

We do not do any form of automated profiling with your data.

In the event that you require kicchip to remove your files, you may use the contact form here: