Write a byte to on board flash data eeprom. Limit to 100,000 writes.


Tutorials: EEPROM Memory


WRITE Address, ByteValue


WRITE 0, b0 REM Store b0 in memory location 0

' WRITE Example
' Write.txt
' Kic8

  ' Simulate this code and observe the 
  ' EEPROM window Cell Location 126

FOR B0 = 0 TO 7
  ' Store b0 in location 126
  WRITE 126 , B0

  PAUSE 1000



EEPROM has a limited number of times it can be written to before it "Burns Out".

Normally around 100,000 writes can be perfomed on an eeprom cell.

Simulator Feature

EEPROM data can be viewed in the simulator eeprom window.

EEPROM can be cleared in the simulator by clicking "Clear EEPROM" from the simulator main menu.

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